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Our new sign is up, making it easier to find us!

Cal Hort Sign

208 - 50 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2S 2S1


Here are our newest board members!

 Cal Hort Board 2015

From top left:  Marcy Fogal, Sharon Ogilvie, Bonita Luciow, Sharon Trottier, Merlin Brinkerhoff, Brent Warren, Cindy Chambers, Cynthia Philp, Tyler Stevenson 


Member Talk
Thursday, December 3rd
7:00 pm

6:30 pm:  Coffee and Social
7:00 pm:  Talk

Christ Church
3602 8 St SW

Baby Moose

From Mice to Moose

This is a light-hearted look and discussion of all the non-insect creatures that love to test our patience while making gardening a bit more challenging.

Presenter:  Elaine Rude

About Our Presenter:  Elaine has been gardening on an acreage for 16 years .  Every year brings a new challenge no matter how you try and protect your garden.   Elaine will provide some new and effective ways to outwit the creatures that keep you on your toes.


Free for Members, and non-members are always welcome but are asked to pay $10.


International Year of Soil

INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF SOILS (IYS) - Leslie Nicholls, newsletter editor, interviewed Burnco staff in our last newsletter issue. She wrote:
"A local supplier for me is BURNCO Landscape Centre, as my home is in Lynnwood. It's a quick drive to bring home smaller loads of bulk soils."

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Looking for Inspiration and Knowledge? 

 Judy Lowas-Open Grdn 2012

We provide classes and workshops to inspire your experience and knowledge of gardens and plants, from pruning and propagation to digging in the ground.  Whether you enjoy the creative hands-on or short skill building sessions, we hope you find something to suit you.  Our aim is to provide gardening sessions to suit everyone, whether you are just starting out with a garden or you are an experienced gardener looking to broaden your skills.  Our workshops continue on in the summer.  Check  them out.


Thank You  to our sponsors and volunteers and participants

Garlic Event Sponsors

 This year we combined the Fall Plant Share and the Garlic Exchange and boy was it a party. We also socialized over special grlic inspired treats prepared by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology SAIT Culinary Arts students and chefs.

Special Thanks to TD Friends of the Environment.

Plant Shares enable gardeners to meet, share, add interest and variety to their gardens by trading or purchasing plants for less. The Society hosts two plant shares a year in the fall and spring.

The Garlic Exchange shares 50 heritage types of cultivars of garlic that are fresh, Calgary-grown and super-delicious! Over the last few years, the community gardens program has been working with the Fort Calgary, the Shared garden at the Inglewood and McClure community gardens, growing heritage garlic to share and exchange.


The tasty bruschetta
made by the team from
SAIT Culinary School

2013CHSGarlic (7)


Money raised from this event will be used to support community education.



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Unfortunately, we are unable to make recommendations or provide consultations.  We suggest that you do one of the following:
* Try the "Ask an Expert" feature under the Resources section on this website.
* Take your sample to a major Garden Centre such as Sunnyside, greengate or Golden Acre to get their expert advice.

If you are a Society member, we encourage you to ask around in our online forum.

Giving items away:

Thank you for thinking of us.  We can't accept item donations at this time.  Perhaps you could post an ad on Kijiji.

If you are a Society member, we encourage you to ask around in our online forum.

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We're not really in a position to recommend businesses.  There are so many of them out there.  Perhaps a friend or neighbour who has experience could help.  

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