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Digging in - Garden makeover

PART TWO  - DIGGING  IN - Yard Smart Intermediate Level Makeover Workshop

Goal:  To provide in-depth and community-based workshops that support participants in designing their own landscape and provide the opportunity to receive hands-on experience with gardening techniques. The result, or take away, is a phased plan for front yard improvements and the steps to create it and maintain it.

The outcomes included:

1. Understanding Yard Smart principles;

2. Choosing plants, materials and navigating garden centres;

3. Planting a Yard Smart yard; and

4. Maintaining that yard.

A Yard Smart transformation in one day

In the Digging -In Class participants got dirt under your fingernails while creating a residential garden with the guidance, support and expertise of Horticulturist Kath Smyth as well as volunteers from the Horticultural Society. The aim was walking particpants through the transformation with learning in mind. They walked away from the class with confidence to tackle your own project with experience in:

  • Reading and using a Real Property Report
  • Basic design and planning principles (including planning your project in stages as your time and/or budget allows)
  • Removing lawn while preserving soil and minimizing impact to our landfills
  • Recognizing a healthy plant when purchasing
  • Properly positioning and planting perennials and bushes
  • Determining required quantities of soil and mulch and then properly distributing it
  • And, general, handy gardening tips and tricks!