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Dig up the dirt on Calgary gardening! Check out our lineup of stage demonstrations throughout the 2017 Garden Show weekend. Keep checking back as we continue to add fantastic demonstrations and speakers! 

Saturday, April 29

9:30 AM - Tufa planters
Presented by Venturers Society

10:30 AM - Composting
Presented by Kevin Davies of Hop compost

11:30 AM - Cooking from your garden
Presented by Apple Magazine

12:30 PM - Tree Pruning
Presented by Jean-Mathieu Daoust of Treefrog Tree Care

1:30 PM - Alpine Gardening
Presented by Cathy Kurio of Calgary Rock & Alpine Garden Society

2:30 PM - African Violets
Presented by Bettt Fenerty 

Sunday, April 30

10:30 AM - Pruning
Presented by Codie Anderson of Arborcare

11:30 AM - Peonies
Presented by Laurie Goetting of Calgary Peony Society

12:30 PM - Tufa planters
Presented by Venturers Society

1:30 PM - Gardening for health
Presented by Apple Magazine

2:30 PM - Sauerkraut Making
Presented by Denis Manger of Light Cellar